June 21, 2017

It has been over a year since I have written anything, life happens, ill health, deny to self that one is depressed, trying to keep going. If not for my little dog I wouldn’t have much to keep me busy at times. It has been over eight years now since my middle son died, I miss him, and my eldest son has cancer of the prostate that has moved into the lymph nodes, and ribs. He keeps going refusing chemotherapy for reasons we all know. His dad, his aunt, and last year the young woman who worked in the City Hall lost her battle with cancer. She had gone to cancer Treatment Center in Illinois for chemotherapy but it was just too far advanced it seems before it was found. It hit everyone very hard. I keep praying for healing, he said Mom, healing isn’t for everyone. I love my children so much.

I had three sons before having a daughter, 4 yrs, 4 months and 24 days from the first to the fourth. I knew where they all were until they became teenagers then all bets were off. I tried but life was not always so pleasant at home. They have given me ten grandchildren, seven boys and three girls. I sit here now with tears in my eyes so thankful for my family.

I married again after my first husband died, the second one died of heart disease 11-26-2003. Never again will I open myself back up for such heartache. I am comfortable in my own skin, enjoy being at home, and able to stand on my own two feet.


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