Loving Parents

I get tears in my eyes every time I read a story about the relationship between a child and their father/mother. My mother, and father were divorced when I was very little so I did not have much contact with him except some short visits in a public location with my mother, these did not happen often.

Mother married again when I was around four to my Daddy, I loved him, and he took me with him about everywhere he went. We would all come to town on Saturday to take in the afternoon movie, then stop by the little grocery store for what was needed in groceries. I forgot to mention, we traveled by horse, and buggy, not because of our belief but because we didn’t have a car at the time. Deck, our big bay gelding was our buggy horse, and he was also hitched with Dan to work the fields. I loved living in the country, had the run of 40 acres, nothing to worry about living at the end of the road didn’t have to be concerned about traffic. Later on we got a car, a Model T, then we had a Model A. Later on more modern cars but they were not as fun to ride in. I lost my Dad when I was 13, my world came crashing down around me. The day he died was the first day I didn’t have a chance to say bye before I went to school. To this day I don’t know why. Last week was Father’s Day but this is my tribute to my Dad, George Robert Watts.


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