Life throws us some serious curves at times but those of us who are resilient survive eventually and move on. There are times when it seems impossible to go on, the emptiness, loneliness, and pain are unbearable, unable to put one foot in front of the other just too difficult too find the strength to do so, too hard to reach down deep enough to pull oneself back up.

How Lord, how do I go on, oh Lord, please help me, how do I live without those who I love so deeply? Questions I have asked numerous times after losing a loved one. Thankfully I have the Lord Jesus to help me through the darkest times, save me from the grief that surrounds every fiber of my being. It isn’t easy but one must persevere to find the light through the darkest mist of pain.

Does the pain ever go away? No but it lessens over time. A fragrance, sound, or thought can cause all the memories come rushing back in, filling one with inconsolable grief. Over the years it becomes easier but still hurts but the feeling does not last as long each time.